Conference Date:
April 7 9, 2008


Conference Venue:
The conference will be held in the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST)
Mishref Campus, Kuwait.

GUST has built a brand new campus in West Mishref, near the International Exhibition grounds. The new campus expresses the vision of GUST for higher education in Kuwait and provides the most up-to-date facilities and environment for active learning.  

The spaces and facilities in the new campus exceed the standards set by the Council for Private Universities in Kuwait. The purpose of the physical development is to ensure that there will be enough space, to meet the University's academic and social needs and facilitate the achievement of its goals and objectives.

A compact pedestrian campus is achieved, with a walking distance of less than 5 minutes between any of its components. The air-conditioned environment provides comfort within individual buildings, and for people moving around.  Campus buildings can be used all year round and, to encourage part-time and evening studies, they can be used throughout the day. 

GUST has created an environment uniquely suited to the influences of the area. It offers flexibility for a changing world rather than simply providing a solution to present needs. With its special emphasis upon science and technology, the new buildings for GUST will make a strong and positive impression in terms of image, function, accessibility and appearance. The design represents a dynamic fusion of the traditional teaching environment, the madrasa courtyard, with the convenience of an enclosed concourse, from which all facilities may be reached. The architecture thus uses modern technology to restate and reinforce the contribution made by the Arab and Islamic World to modern civilization. 

Buildings and Grounds 

The first Phase of construction accommodates some 3,400 students. Later Phases will expand the University by adding new Colleges and other facilities. The areas immediately surrounding the main buildings are extensively landscaped with several fountains inside the secure boundary fence. An open amphitheatre provides a dramatic stage for ceremonies and performances. Open sports facilities include football and tennis. 

The concourse runs north-south and east-west and is entered from the two car parks and from the central vip entrance. The air-conditioned concourse is functionally appropriate to the Kuwaiti climate as well as providing a focal point for gathering information and for social interaction. It will encourage students, staff and faculty to interact in order to achieve their full academic and professional potential. The concourse, three floors high, provides a covered link between all academic and social activities.

The two arms of the concourse are linked at the south-east corner, close to the vip entrance, by the Learning Resource Centre. The Centre, on ground and first floors, provides access to the many data-bases to which GUST subscribes, to self-learning work-stations, or computer commons, to group learning rooms, and to the specialist national Book Corners.

The ground floor of the mall gives convenient access to the Centre for Academic Excellence, and to the Centre for Professional and Continuing Education and to several specialist retail outlets including the Copy Center. Close to the vip entrance are two 125-seat lecture theatres available for teaching as well as for small-scale special presentations. Prayer rooms are located near the main entrances to the mall. 

Classroom buildings are directly accessible from the mall. Science Laboratories are provided, and a variety of classrooms are available. All the classroom buildings are accessed by means of generous corridors wide enough to provide chairs and tables to encourage discussion before and after classes.

The E-Learning Department, incorporating the Multi-Media Workshop and the IT Department are located on the first floor of the administration building. The University Book Shop is also located centrally. 

The second floor houses the Senior Management offices , together with the Board of Trustees Meeting Room, which are located centrally, overlooking the Learning Resources Centre . The Human Resources Department is located next to the Senior Management. 

The Community Development and Training Centre, providing conference and training facilities for the community, is also connected to the main concourse and is easily accessible for the public. There are two auditoria, one with 500 seats and one with 200, together with flexible committee rooms and ample space for exhibitions and events. 

Every seat in every classroom, laboratory and auditorium is capable of hard-wire connection to the internet as well as to power for running lap-tops. In addition, the wireless internet environment is provided throughout the buildings and external landscaped courtyards.  

By means of the IT set-up, individual Faculty are able to control, within each classroom, both the teaching media and their environmental conditions and comfort levels.


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